Is it better to hire a Cleaning Company in NYC or an Independent Cleaner?

cleaning company in NYC

If you’re just now starting your search for professional cleaning services for your home, you may be surprised by how many options there are. This may throw a wrench in deciding whether you go with an independent cleaner who works alone and a cleaning company with employees. 

Here’s a short guide to understanding the difference between hiring an independent contractor or a cleaning company — and why cleaning companies are always worth the investment.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Independent Cleaner?

An independent cleaner is someone who works alone and provides your services by themselves. Many independent contractors will set up some sort of service agreement with their clients before service. They may service just your home or may serve multiple households. 

Two of the main benefits of hiring an independent contractor include:

  • A more personal relationship: When you hire just one cleaner, you’re more likely to have a strong personal relationship with them. You can talk to them on a more personal level about cleaning and your personal life as well. It can be easy for them to become like part of the family and someone you respect and trust. Plus, there is always only one extra person in your house. 
  • Communication: There will always only be one person you talk to about your service. If you use their services multiple times over an extended period then communication can flow easier, and you’ll always know who you’re talking to and how to best communicate with them. This may then lead to a better relationship with your cleaner. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company?

A cleaning company is a company that has employees who deliver a variety of cleaning services. Depending on what cleaning company in NYC you choose, some may be larger than others and provide more services. Many have full-time schedules and have a standardized contract for their clients when it comes to signing up for services. 

Two of the main benefits of hiring a cleaning company in NYC include: 

  • Efficiency: When you have a team of cleaners that come to your home to perform your services, you’ll have things done twice as fast. There will always be multiple people completing several tasks at once so if you need something done in a hurry a company is the way to go.
  • Service Options: Most cleaning companies offer a long list of services they can provide for homes, apartments, condos and beyond. These services can be as basic as wiping down countertops to as detailed as hot water extracting carpets. They have the high-quality equipment it takes to get those tasks done and are often able to provide a la carte options if there’s something else you need. 

Why Cleaning Companies Are Always Worth the Investment

It may be tempting to hire an independent cleaner just because it seems like they cost less. However, hiring an independent cleaner runs the risk of cost inflating in the future, and certain tasks may not be able to be completed. 

Hiring a cleaning company is always worth the investment, and here’s why:

  • They are more reliable: If you hire an independent cleaner and something goes wrong, you don’t have any other options. There is no backup. With a company, there will always be a team to provide your service no matter what. 
  • They are more flexible: Not only do cleaning companies offer more services, but they also create a personalized plan for just you like we do here at DLL Cleaning Services. We can work with you to create a unique plan, while an individual cleaner will most likely just do one job that fits all processes. 
  • Your investment is protected: All cleaning companies are bonded and insured, which means you’re protected if something happens. They also have reviews that can showcase how other clients have felt protected and Iike their money didn’t go to waste. 

How Cost Comes into Play

How much money you’ll be investing into your service of choice is important. In theory, you may pay less money for a contractor if you’re paying by an hourly rate. This would be because they don’t have a company’s operating costs to cover. However, they may charge different hourly rates for different services. 

For most cleaning companies, your services are offered at a flat rate that will rarely change. It’s an all-inclusive cost that won’t fluctuate as an hourly rate can. No matter how many services you want, it will be easier to calculate and understand the cost of a cleaning company. 

DLL Cleaning Services: A Premier Cleaning Company in Your Area 

Here at DLL Cleaning Services, we are a cleaning company that cares. With a wide service area, dedicated staff, and the ability to understand your needs, we’ve helped hundreds of households get into tip-top shape in no time. 

We offer a variety of services, including a house cleaning service, a deep apartment cleaning service, and a condo cleaning service

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