How to Deep Clean and Declutter Your Home Office

clean home office

Your home office can become an oasis for productivity and growth if cleaned and decluttered properly. However, that’s harder than it sounds, isn’t it? Ensuring that your home office stays decluttered and cleaned on a regular basis can be a daunting challenge.

Here at DLL Cleaning Services, we are experts in cleaning and organization. We routinely give our clients tips and tricks to help make their lives easier – and therefore cleaner. Here are some recommendations we can give to get you to a clean home office that just beckons to be worked in. 

Out With the Old

One of the main issues that tend to plague home offices is the buildup of clutter. From old coffee mugs that need to be washed to piles of papers from projects to random items that never made it back to their original spot, going from clean to chaotic can happen in what feels like the blink of an eye. Home office organization is vital to your productivity and motivation, so taking the first steps to declutter your space will get you on the right track. 

You can choose the method to declutter your space that works best for you. For instance, you might choose to start by getting rid of any dishes. Putting them back in the kitchen where they belong. Maybe you’d prefer to dive in and organize your piles of paperwork.

Whatever you choose to do, pick a task and stick with it just like we do in our professional cleaning services. By finishing one task before moving onto another, you avoid the possibility of getting stuck in the middle without anything being truly complete. 

Now is also the time to throw out anything that doesn’t serve you anymore. Whether it’s old equipment that’s now obsolete or outdated decorations, take this opportunity to refresh your space. 

Everybody Cleanup

Once you have decluttered, it’s now time to organize and deep clean your space. And we don’t just mean put everything where it needs to go, wipe your desk off, and move on. We mean a true deep cleaning, using the tactics we use in our professional house cleaning. 

Some of the tasks you should complete include:

  1. Dusting all surfaces and the ceiling if possible
  2. Vacuuming all areas of the carpet
  3. Wiping down all surfaces then using a disinfectant on the same surfaces to kill germs and bacteria 
  4. Clean any knick-knacks and picture frames
  5. Reorganize and make sure each item has a spot

By completing the cleaning tasks, you help your immune system in a variety of ways. By completing the organizational home office ideas, your brain feels more comfortable and at ease in the space it has to work in. 

In With the New

Once you’ve decluttered and cleaned, you can now come up with some fun home office setup ideas to bring your space to life. This can be fresh paint, new furniture, or items that improve accessibility and comfort like chairs, headphones, and keyboards. 

From a cleaning standpoint, make sure you have a trash can that is easily accessible to help you avoid leaving trash lying around. Coasters will help with coffee mug stains, and keeping wipes or paper towels help you quickly deal with messes as soon as they happen. 

When it comes to designing your room, have fun with it! Create a space that you look forward to going into every day. Think of your favorite color and splash it on the walls. Love the ocean? Create an Under the Sea theme for your space. The more you like your room, the more you’ll want to be in it! 

Keep It Consistent

Once you complete your task of decluttering and deep cleaning your office, you might think your hard work is done. However, that’s not exactly the case. 

You’ll need to keep yourself motivated to ensure that your office stays clean and organized. You can manage this in a variety of ways, such as making sure you do a full cleanup at the end of every day so nothing is left out for you to deal with in the morning. 

If you share the office with a partner, switch off daily or weekly cleaning tasks so each person is held accountable. Creating designated spaces for each of you within the room can help a lot with that as well; this helps ensure that you’re not arguing over who didn’t clean up their granola bar wrappers every day. 

DLL Cleaning Services Can Be There For You

Maybe you’re struggling to come up with fresh and creative small home office ideas? Maybe you just don’t have time to clean your home regularly? We get it, and we help our clients who share this struggle. 

With our condo cleaning service, apartment cleaning service, and house cleaning service, we can help you fight against fatigue and procrastination. Our services are comprehensive, affordable, and efficient so you’ll be able to count on us – and did we mention our service area is wide? And we’ll always be able to answer any questions you have. 

Reach out to us today for more information on booking your house cleaning service.