Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning Services

Partnering with you to provide excellent cleaning services when you move in or move out from one place to another.

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Moving from one place to another is always an exciting milestone in your life. It’s also a busy time that requires lots of packing and cleaning. After a long hard day of packing up, you want to move your things into a nice, clean space and get started on making it feel like home. Once the moving truck leaves your old place, the last thing that you want to have to do is return and clean up your old space

With DLL’s move out/move in cleaning services, you get the best of both worlds—leaving your old home or apartment clean as a whistle and being able to move into your new place without having to scrub everything down.

move in cleaning

Your Move-Out Cleaning Service 

You might be surprised how many services are included in move-in/move-out services. Here’s what you can expect in your bedrooms:

  • Clean your floors
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Wipe down mirrors and glass
  • Take out the trash

You can expect the same services in your bathrooms as well as the following services:

  • Scrub and sanitize the toilet
  • Scrub tub and shower
  • Scrub sink

The Best Move-Out/Move-in Cleaning Services

DLL Cleaning Services provides move-out/move-in cleaning services in all NYC homes, townhomes, and apartments. If you’re not sure you’re in our area, just contact us so we can review it. DLL Cleaning Services recognizes that every situation is different, so we do our best to customize services according to your needs.

As our expert cleaners move along into your kitchen, you can expect them to:

  • Dust all surfaces 
  • Wipe down appliances
  • Clean floors
  • Take out the garbage
  • Cleaning baseboards
  • Cleaning closets
  • Scrubbing interior walls
  • Cleaning interior windows

If there’s anything else you need to have done. Feel free to ask for a quote on these extra services.

Move-In Cleaning Services Near Me: What It Doesn’t Include

Windows from the outside, cleaning the tops of kitchen cabinets, detail cleaning of ACs, scrubbing the floors under big appliances. All that can be added on for extra charge.

Move In Out Botton


Which professional will come to my place?

We will assign one of our top-rated cleaners.

What happens if I don’t have any cleaning tools or supplies?

Don’t worry! Our expert cleaners will bring all the cleaning tools and supplies they need. If you want us to use green cleaning supplies, just let us know. 

For property owners, ensuring that the house or apartment looks its very best is the easiest way to ensure you get the top rental value for your property. The Handy platform is the best way to find local, affordable, and top-quality move out cleaning services after your last tenant has vacated the property, or move in cleaning services right before your next tenant shows up.  You may have had folks in and out of the apartment for the last week during the open house — you don’t want to turn over the keys with footprints all over the floor! 

Leave your home as you found it with a move-out cleaning

Often, it’s only as you prepare to leave a place that you get to see what state it’s really in! With all the pictures down and bits and pieces in boxes, you can suddenly see all those previously-hidden stains, disguised dirt, and layers of dust. Getting ready to move can be exhausting and the last thing on your mind will be breaking out the broom or getting down and dirty with the disinfectant. 

Move-in cleanings for when you want to start off on the right note

Using effective move-in/move-out cleaning services to give your new home a good going-over before you move-in is the ideal way to start off your new life in your new home. It doesn’t matter if you’re renting or buying; cleaning up someone else’s mess is never any fun – particularly if you’re strapped for time. Do you really want to spend the first evening in your new house, flat or apartment, scrubbing the bathtub, or would you rather be sitting on your sofa, enjoying a well-earned glass of wine and a home-cooked meal?

Do you charge an extra fee for a move-out cleaning after a renovation?

After you renew or paint your apartment, home, office, or facility, There is a lot of dust that takes time to removed and clean properly. The floors and plugin switch usually have little stains of paint that we have to remove. That’s why we charge an extra fee for post renew move-out cleaning service.