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After a long hard day, it’s incredibly difficult to come home to a sink full of dishes, messy countertops, and an overflowing trash can. Room by room, there seems to be clutter and dust everywhere. When there’s little or no time to do the regular cleaning, it becomes so overwhelming that it’s nearly impossible to know where to begin. There’s no need to stress over house cleaning when you can call us for a residential deep cleaning appointment.  

Imagine your stress and frustrations melting away after you schedule an appointment for a housekeeping service to do a deep, thorough cleaning of your home. Professional deep cleaning services will leave your home spotless and smelling fresh so that you can rest, relax, and enjoy your home. A regular cleaning service will help you keep up with things after that.

What Do Professional Deep Cleaning Services Include?

Imagine what your home or apartment would look like if it was actually clean from top to bottom. If your home or apartment hasn’t been professionally cleaned in months or if you don’t use a cleaning service on a regular basis, a deep cleaning is a good place to start. 

When you lead a busy New York life, it’s all you can do to manage a little sprucing up. DLL Cleaning Services will take care of all those areas that you tend to neglect because of the lack of time and energy. A deep cleaning service includes all the services of a standard cleaning and gives more attention to those areas you tend to skim over on a regular basis. 

This service also include:

  • Inside fridge
  • Inside Oven
  • Baseboards
  • Inside windows

The Things That Aren’t Included with Deep Cleaning Services

While most things are included in a standard cleaning plan and extra things are included in the deep cleaning plan, it’s important to know that several things aren’t included in either plan. Some of the more time-consuming tasks require additional resources even for a residential deep cleaning service. These services are available at an additional cost. It’s standard across the industry to charge an additional fee for these services.

DLL Cleaning Services charges an extra fee for the following services:

Rate does not include washing the windows from the outside, cleaning the tops of kitchen cabinets, detail cleaning of ACs, scrubbing the floors under big appliances. All that can be added on for extra charge.


What Can I Expect when Scheduling Residential Deep Cleaning Services?

It’s common for people to come up with lots of reasons for delaying a call to a residential deep cleaning service. We know that by the time many people make the call, the time for a deep cleaning is well past due. Before beginning any recurrent cleaning service, it often makes sense to schedule a deep cleaning appointment first. 

In the interest of reducing the carbon footprint,  We use four different products three are green and one is not. If you want us to use all green products we will charge an extra fee. 

You’ll probably notice that a deep cleaning appointment is different than a regular cleaning appointment. You can expect for it to be a bit more involved. It will take longer than a standard cleaning. The results will be well worth the time and cost. The only thing that you’ll wonder is why you didn’t make the call sooner. 

What types of residential deep cleaning services DLL provides?

DLL Cleaning Services provides deep cleaning services for all types of residential dwellings including residential homes, town homes, and apartments. The lifestyle in New York requires people to keep a lot on their plate. Most NYC residents don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the things they want to do. What usually happens is that the house cleaning keeps getting pushed back to the bottom of the “to-do” list. When you schedule an appointment for deep cleaning with DLL Cleaning Services, it gives you the assurance of knowing that the cleaning of your house or apartment is always at the top of your list.