Professional House Cleaning

Our residential cleaning services keep all New York City homes shining.

No sooner have you thought “TGIF” when your mind suddenly remembers the pile-up of tasks waiting for you at home. You find yourself thinking, “If I could just take one more task off my to-do list, I could actually enjoy the weekend.” 

DLL is delighted to tackle the residential cleaning jobs that you dread! Imagine the hours you’ll give back to yourself when a professional residential cleaning service arrives to declutter your kitchen, dust off the cobwebs, and make your bathrooms sparkle. 

With our house cleaning services in New York City, you’ll no longer have to think twice about inviting a friend over for coffee or drinks. Your home can be dust-free and company-ready every day of the week. 

While we clean your home, you can enjoy your life, spend time with your children, take a class, or start a new project. Your time is valuable, so you are better off when you delegate your cleaning tasks to us while you take advantage of the time in a productive, enjoyable way.

There are three main options we provide our customers in the realm of house cleaning services: our standard residential cleaning services, our apartment cleaning services, and our deep cleaning house services. Each option can be used as frequently as you want and can be created with your budget and cleaning goals in mind. 

Standard House Cleaning

It’s time to stop getting on your hands and knees to scrub your toilets — instead, let someone else do the job for you! With our standard professional house cleaning, we focus on making your daily life easier. Not only will we vacuum and mop your floors, but we’ll also wipe down all high-touch surfaces such as:

  • Coffee tables
  • Main entrance door
  • Light switches
  • Door handles
  • Washing machine 
  • Dryer
  • The exterior of trash cans
  • Windowsills
  • Under the AC unit 
  • And more

We’ll even be happy to load and unload your dishwasher, so that’s yet another thing you won’t have to worry about. Additionally, we’ll make sure we dust and sanitize all important areas, especially your bathrooms.

Deep House Cleaning

Think about the last time your home got a true deep cleaning. We’re talking about down to the nitty-gritty cleaning of the places you usually skim over in your regular cleaning process. With our deep cleaning house service, we do the same things we would do in our standard package. However, we’ll also clean the inside of your oven and refrigerators, which is huge when that hasn’t happened in months or even years. Our deep cleaning package also includes cleaning the baseboards and the inside of your windows for a bottom-to-top clean.

Apartment Cleaning/Move-in/Move-out

Our final house cleaning service includes both move-in/move-out cleaning services and cleaning services for your apartment. It may seem like hiring a cleaning service for your apartment wouldn’t be needed; however, dirt and grime build-up in a small space can become overwhelming — and unhealthy — pretty quickly. Plus, who doesn’t love a clean and sanitized bathroom? 

And even if you’re not interested in having your apartment cleaned, do you really want to move out by yourself again? How about you pack your stuff up while we handle the cleanup so you can actually get your security deposit back for once. We even go so far as to scrub your walls and clean your closets so that every area is sparkling and shining.

Working With DLL Cleaning Services 

DLL Cleaning Services have been serving New York City since 2018, and we continue to grow. We take pride in our business, and our customers agree that we go above and beyond for each and every one of them. 

As a premier cleaning services company, working with us provides you the opportunity to focus on things that really matter to you. You can give us your cleaning goals and budget, and we’ll create a personalized cleaning plan just for you. 

Some of the other benefits that come with working with us include: 

  • Background-checked and trained cleaning professionals in your home
  • Consistent lines of communication so you stay in the loop
  • A detailed learning plan that you can understand and change at any time 
  • Protection thanks to our insurance and other coverage 
  • Continued peace of mind your home is safe and clean 

Paired with our mission, our core objectives focus on providing an expert clean founded on trust and integrity.

Services We Offer All New York Residential Dwellings: Homes, Townhomes, and Apartments

Disinfection and Sanitization Cleaning
Disinfection and Cleaning

We disinfect areas where grime and scum tend to accumulate to leave your surfaces free of mold and bacteria.

Window Cleaning 1
Window Cleaning

Our employees will clean all reachable areas of your windows with a streak-free shine. (We’re sorry, but we won’t tackle windows over a normal height)

Carpet Cleaning 1
Carpet Cleaning

Hot water steam cleaning gets rid of fleas, bugs & ground-in dirt. If you prefer a drier method, we can use a topical cleaner along with a brush/rotary floor cleaner to bring dirt & bacteria to the surface to be brushed.

Recurring Cleaning 1
Recurring Cleaning

Set up your service on a daily schedule so that your home gets regular cleanings. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to schedule cleaning appointment or dealing frustration of cleaners unavailability.

Organic Cleaning
Organic Cleaning

Feel free to opt for eco-friendly organic cleaning products to reduce toxins in the air and in our environment. This is a great solution for people with allergies.

Maid Service
Maid Service

Let our professional house cleaners manage your everyday tasks like making your bed, decluttering, and tidying up kitchens and bathrooms. Our housekeeping service gives you the peace of mind in knowing that when you come home, all you have to do is relax.


Things get broken here and there and it doesn’t seem like a big deal until things get out of hand. Let our handymen bring the hand tools and power tools to tackle all the odd jobs that cause you frustration.


Our professional organizers can help you to declutter your New York home or apartment so you can find the things you need. Our service will show you how to store your treasures, tame your clutter, and make efficient use of your space.


Can I reschedule a booking?

Yes! Just use our online platform at least 24 hours in advance to skip or reschedule your cleaning appointment. We charge $50 if you make a change less than 24 hours because we’ve reserved that time for you. 

Are house cleaning services worth it?

Absolutely! Our house cleaning service gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your home is clean, well-maintained, and comfortable for you and your guests. Our house cleaners are professional, reliable, and efficient.

How much do you tip a house cleaning service?

The industry standard for tipping house cleaning. services in New York is 15%-20%. With DLL cleaning services, you have the convenience of tipping online. The tip is not mandatory!

Does house cleaning include laundry?

Our basic house cleaning service doesn’t include laundry, but you can set it up online as an add-on service if you have a washer and dryer in your home. Use it once in a while or every week. 

New York City residents live and work in the fast lane. Your time at home should be peaceful, calm, and relaxing. It’s so much easier to do that when you know that you can leave the hard work of cleaning to reliable professionals.


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