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At DLL Cleaning Services, one of our goals is to give you such a great cleaning experience that you’ll want to tell your friends and business associates about us. We’re so convinced that we’ll be able to deliver on our promise that we’re offering you a formal referral program to give back when you recommend our cleaning services to others. 

cleaning credit - referral program

As a way of thanking our valued customers for referring us to their friends, family members, and business associates, we’d like to reward you with up to $300 in account credits every year through our Refer-A-Friend program simply by referring new customers to DLL Cleaning Services. 

For each residential cleaning service you win $25  credit and for each commercial cleaning you win $50 credit. You can apply your credit to the next booking or accumulate it up to $300. ( terms and conditions apply)

All you have to do is to ask your referral partner to book an appointment with DLL Cleaning Services and use one of the following codes:

Residential customers use: Referring. Customer [insert customer first name]

Commercial customers use: Referring. Customer [insert business name]

For example: Referring.Customer[Sam] or Referring.Customer[ABC Consulting]

If you expect to accumulate credits in excess of $300, please contact us at to arrange a special accommodation.

Once the Referral Customer has booked and paid for their appointment using the Referring Customer’s referral code, DLL will apply the credits to your account for future appointments only. We’re sorry, but we’re not able to apply for credits retroactively or to previous or existing appointments. Your credits aren’t transferrable and they’re not redeemable for cash. 

Here’s what else you need to know to claim your credits:

  • Your referral friend must be a brand new customer for DLL Cleaning Services.
  • Your referral friend may not be the roommate, spouse, or cohabitant of any existing DLL customer and can’t be part of the same home or household as any existing DLL customer.
  • Your referral friend must book an appointment that’s in a different location than the referring customer. 
  • Your referral friend may not use the same billing information or phone number as the referring customer. 
  • Our program doesn’t allow any customer or potential customer to create multiple email addresses, DLL accounts, or any other aliases in order to take advantage of the referring customer’s referral code. 
  • Referring customers are prohibited from posting their code to any coupon site ( or anything similar). If DLL discovers a code on such a site, we may immediately terminate your Refer-a-Friend Program privileges and void any and all previously accrued credits.

Our referral program is intended to help us grow our business by offering others that you know the same benefits of being having access to a full-service professional cleaning company for their homes, office, or business. The referrals that you send to us will thank you for showing them how they can have the option to schedule standard, deep cleaning, or other specialized cleaning services at an attractive and affordable price. 

Not only will you save with our Refer-A-Friend program, but the customers that you refer to us will also have the same great opportunity to refer their friends, family members, and business associates and also earn the opportunity to get credits on their account which will reduce their overall cleaning costs. That makes is a WIN/WIN situation for everyone involved!

Just be aware that we’ll have to remove credits and discounts if any of the conditions above are violated. Those who continue to not comply with the Refer-a-Friend program will result in the permanent ban of the services, which isn’t what we want, so feel free to ask us any further questions about our program.

We reserve the right to change the value of any discount obtained through the Refer-a-Friend program and its credits without prior notice at any time. 

Don’t forget that your referral customer must provide the referral code at the time that they book their appointment!

We very much appreciate your business! As our company grows, we’d like you to become part of our success. Spread the word and enjoy your benefits!