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With our organizing service option, we help you declutter your home, organize your moving and unpacking, organize your home for greater efficiency, or simply help you stay organized in your day to day life. At DLL Cleaning Services, we believe organizing has to work with your personality and individual concerns. Our cleaners and organizers quickly assess your situation and get to know you quickly to develop a strategy to get your organizing done in an efficient time frame.

An overview of different organizing by DLL Cleaning Services is illustrated below. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, don’t hesitate to ask! Getting from here to there may seem like an overwhelming task, and there is no single answer for everyone. We can help you to take this a step at a time, working with you to come up with an individualized solution for your home. We will take care of you!

Please note that we charge extra for this service and you will find that an additional cost for organizing is standard across the industry. This option has previously only been available with a booked cleaning, but we are now accepting jobs for organizing only. Give us a call at 347-206-9880 or to book a custom organizing job with DLL Cleaning Services.

DLL Cleaning Services specializes in home organizing. We help  people to live a better and non stressful life by getting rid of clutter. Don’t let that mess make you feel frustrated by reminding you that you have a lot of pending things to do. An organized space makes us feel more productive and happy!

If you have additional questions about this service, please feel free to reach out to us at 347-206-9880 or

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