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When your clients enter your office, you want to give them the impression that you conduct your business professionally, even before they’ve met you in person. As they wait in your waiting room or reception area, they’re bound to survey their surroundings. 

No dust gathered in the corners and no stains on your carpets show your clients that you’re the type of business person that pays attention to details. You want them to feel comfortable and safe.

As a business owner or office manager, you have numerous issues to manage every day. You need to make your clients your top priority. When you leave your office cleaning needs to DLL Cleaning Services, you will have your clients’ full attention because they won’t be distracted by a sense of uncleanliness.

Professional Office Cleaning Services That We Offer

Standard Cleaning
Standard Cleaning

Our office cleaning team will vacuum, mop, and dust all surfaces. They’ll also wipe down countertops and other surfaces and polish the furniture. Using the proper supplies, they clean and sanitize your bathrooms.

Carpet Cleaning 1
Carpet Cleaning

Heavy foot traffic can grind dirt and debris into your carpets. We offer steam cleaning, light steam cleaning, and dry cleaning to bring dirt and debris to the surface where it can be brushed or vacuumed away.

Window Cleaning 1
Window Cleaning

Our office business cleaning service team will wipe down your window sills and clean the glass for a streak-free shine. (We’re sorry, but we won’t tackle windows over a normal height)

Disinfection and Sanitization Cleaning
Disinfection & Sanitation

(ulv machine)-where certain areas tend to collect germs and bacteria, we’ll disinfect and sanitize to free your surfaces from germs, bacteria, and surface mold.

Furniture Cleaning
Furniture Cleaning

Our office cleaning staff will dust off and clean your upholstery to make it clean and fresh.

Garbage Disposal
Garbage Disposal

Our staff will empty your trash baskets large and small and replace the bags for sanitary purposes.

Bathroom Cleaning 1
Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are an area that’s conducive to harboring germs & bacteria. Our office cleaners will clean toilets sinks, countertops, floors, mirrors, doors & other bathroom equipment.

Kitchen Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning

The office kitchen is another area that collects germs & bacteria. Our office cleaning service will scrub down counters, sinks & small appliances so that the area is clean & sanitary.

Deep Cleaning
Deep Cleaning

For times when your office is overdue for a thorough cleaning. Expect all the benefits of standard cleaning with special deep cleaning on areas that clutter up or are hard to get to overtime.

Recurring Cleaning 1
Recurring Cleaning

We’re happy to set up your business or office cleaning on a regular schedule of your choosing to ensure that you have a slot reserved for your regular cleanings. Recurring cleaning alleviates worry and concern over forgetting to schedule your cleaning appointment.

Green Cleaning
Green Cleaning

Upon your request, we’re happy to use eco-friendly organic cleaning products to reduce toxins in the air and lessen the carbon footprint on our environment. Organic cleaning products may also help to prevent allergens.

office cleaning services

Full-Scale Office Cleaning Services

A clean office speaks volumes about your business not only to customers but also to investors and employees. You want to make the best first impressions and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone that comes to your business. 

The professional office cleaning services of DLL Cleaning Services are exactly what you need to achieve all of those things. Our customized approach allows us to provide you with a personalized cleaning plan meant for your business only. 

You’ll be able to choose exactly what you need to get your space where you want it. Need basic janitorial services? We have those. Want your carpets deep cleaned every 3 months? We can do that too. The possibilities with DLL Cleaning Services are endless.

Detailed Disinfection Services

In the era of COVID-19, you need a disinfection service that works for you. Anyone who’s ever been in an office knows that once one person gets sick, others are bound to get it. But what if we told you our disinfection service cuts down that chance tremendously? 

Here at DLL Cleaning Services, we use the most effective and safest choice of disinfection: electrostatic disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection utilizes sprayers that mist your space from top to bottom with a charged and safe-to-touch cleaning solution that wraps around any germ, bacteria, or virus. From there, the spray kills the germ, leaving you with a clean and safe surface for the next workday.

Our solution is so powerful in fact that it also kills fungus and organic growth while also deodorizing your space. So whenever we’re done with the service, your office will smell good too. 

You can schedule this service as often as you like. Our crew members wear full coverage suits to avoid cross-contamination and will inform you if any problems arise. 

A Clean for Every Office

When someone thinks about the traditional office, it’s easy to imagine endless cubicles, a break room, and a waiting area. However, offices today can be much more complicated and orientated to their employees’ needs. 

There are offices these days for the younger workforce that contain nap pods and resting zones. Additionally, there are offices that are for medical research that contain important scientific information that needs to be handled with care. 

The fact of the matter is, you can’t clean each office the same because no office is the same. DLL Cleaning Services understands this, and that’s why so many office owners continue to come back and work with us.

Thanks to this understanding, we can provide commercial office cleaning services to any office in any industry — no matter how detailed the cleaning requirements or protocols are. All we need are the goals and guidelines, and you can leave the rest to us. 

Why Choose DLL Office Cleaning Services

With DLL Cleaning Services, you can place your confidence in our reliable team of professional cleaners, and rest assured that they’ll arrive at your facility on time with all the proper equipment and supplies that are necessary to do the job. 

Our professionally trained staff stands ready to tend to your cleaning regime with the utmost diligence. Each staff member is background-checked and certified to be one of the top cleaners in the industry.

Some of the other main benefits that come along with choosing DLL Cleaning Services include: 

  • Honesty: We can admit when we’re wrong or have made a mistake. If you don’t like something that has been done or your office hasn’t been cleaned to your expectations, we’ll come and fix it immediately. Furthermore, we’ll always tell you what our professional recommendation is when it comes to cleaning your space so that you make an educated choice when it comes to your cleaning plan.
  • Transparency: You’ll always know exactly what’s going on at all times. There will never be a moment when you’re blindsided about something happening in your plan or you don’t know what’s happening. 
  • Peace of mind: The days of worrying if your office is truly clean and germ-free are over. With our regular office cleaning services, you can rest assured that everything has been taken care of. 

DLL Cleaning Services truly cares about the success of your office, so when you need something done or want more from us, we’ll always deliver. 

If you’re ready to partner with an office cleaning service that cares and is ready to help your business succeed, then reach out today to DLL Cleaning Services for your free quote. We service the following areas:

We can’t wait to meet you. Find out more from us today!


Will I need to provide my own cleaning equipment, or will my office cleaning professional bring them?

Our professional team of cleaners will bring all the necessary equipment and supplies. If there’s something special you want us to use, let’s discuss it. 

When should I expect my professional to get in touch with me?

Our staff will get back to you within 24 hours with a professional estimate and will answer all of your questions.

Can you clean after my business closes?

Yes, in fact, many of our office customers prefer it this way. We can either check-in and out with security or make an appointment to get an office key. All of our staff is bonded and insured. 

Do you provide office cleaning services near me?

Yes, we provide office cleaning services in all of New York City. If you’re still not sure, we’ll be happy to check.

Your office should reflect the professional services that you provide to your clients every day. Your clients rely on you as the expert within your industry. Let DLL Cleaning Services be the expert in your cleaning needs.