How to Hire Affordable Cleaning Services Near Me Without Being Scammed

Affordable cleaning services

Two big concerns prevent a lot of people from hiring a professional cleaning company.

1. They don’t trust cleaning people in their homes.

2. They don’t think they can afford it.

If you’re wondering, “How can I find affordable cleaning services near me?”, you’re not alone.

The reality is that you can find affordable house cleaning services that you can trust when you know what to look for. The same things hold if you’re a business owner looking for affordable office cleaning.

How to Find an Affordable and Reliable Cleaning Company

Professional cleaning services have stepped up their game since COVID-19 started to spread so quickly around the country. In light of the pandemic, the CDC issued guidelines for cleaning companies to help keep everyone safe.

Here are a few reasons inexpensive cleaners NYC should be on your radar:

·   More people are working remotely and need to be safe at home.

·   Workers are starting to return to their offices and need to be safe at work.

·   Cheap professional cleaning is available due to the new focus on cleanliness.

·   Many companies had interruptions and need to start focusing on rebuilding their businesses.

Spend the Time for Research

You can take a lot of the worry out of hiring an affordable cleaning company by taking some time to check out the companies that fit the bill of an affordable and reliable cleaning company.

Here are some suggestions:

·   Ask people you trust for referrals.

·   Check their listing on the Better Business Bureau.

·   Interview at least three companies.  

To be fair, don’t just look at the complaints. The important thing is how a cheap cleaning agency addressed past problems.

Interview Inexpensive Cleaners in NYC

Once you have your shortlist of three potential affordable home and office cleaning companies, schedule an interview with each of them.

Check these items off your list as you go:

Ö  Meet a representative from the company.

Ö  Meet the person that will be cleaning your space.

Ö  Get a feel for your comfort level with the service.

Ö  Find out what kind of cleaning products they use.

Ö  Review your cleaning needs and special requests.

Ö  Check online reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Ö  Discuss what’s included in the contract.

Ö  Ask about how they ensure safety.

Be Safe and Always Check Credentials

Safety is one of the top concerns for most people that are looking for affordable housekeeping services and you should take it very seriously. Just because companies promote inexpensive cleaning services doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your safety. Don’t just ask about credentials, ask for proof that they’re legitimate.

Here’s how:

·   Check to see if the business is registered.

·   Ask for proof of bonding.

·   Ask for proof of insurance.

·   Ensure that the company does background checks on its cleaners.

Cheap Cleaning Agencies Should Have Affordable Options

As you think about hiring an affordable maid near me, cost is certainly an important factor, but it shouldn’t be the only criteria in making your final choice.

Review these tips when you put “affordable cleaners near me” in the search box:

·   Decide how long you’ll need the service.

·   Do a walk-through of your home or office with the cleaning service.

·   Be clear about special requests upfront.

·   Find out what is included and excluded in your services.

·   Get an estimate in writing.

·   Check the contract to see if cleaning supplies are included in the price.

Set Clear Expectations and Get Them in Writing

Make sure your expectations are all detailed in the contract. In your search for affordable cleaning services near me or cheap move-out cleaning, be sure to get everything in writing. For example, don’t assume they’ll move furniture items or take out your trash unless you agree on that in your contract.

Keep the communication open the after the first few cleanings and give feedback whether you’re satisfied with the cleaning or not. Give cleaners a chance to make things right.

Get the House Ready

While your property will be safe when hiring a professional cleaning service, it’s still wise to store your jewelry and other valuables securely away and out of sight as an extra precaution.

If your contract requires you to provide cleaning supplies, make sure they’re accessible and out in the open for your cleaning person.

Be Clear on Any Expectations for Green Cleaning

Most cleaning companies are sensitive to the fact that many households are “green-friendly.” If yours is one of them, make sure you’re familiar with the green products the company uses.

You have many options for professional cleaning services NYC and there is no reason that you can’t find one that’s reliable, professional, thorough, safe, and affordable. Start by putting DLL Cleaning Services on your top three choices.

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