How to Clean a Beauty Salon – Free PDF Checklist

A clean, sanitary beauty salon is a sign to your clients that salon professionals give the same attention to using clean tools and keeping their areas sanitary. Germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses can easily breed in a beauty salon due to the nature of personal grooming. Salon cleaning isn’t like cleaning any other type of business. A professional cleaning service knows the best tips for how to clean a beauty salon to keep it safe and sanitary.

Hair Salon Floors

For purposes of sanitation and appearance, it’s essential to clean floors from corner to corner as part of regular salon housekeeping. A spotless floor gives your clients an excellent first impression of your service and makes them feel good as they meet their salon professionals. Hair salon cleanliness begins with disinfecting floors daily and polishing or waxing them every few months to keep them spotless, shiny, and easier to keep clean every day.  


Salon professionals and clients share the use of salon bathrooms. Your salon cleaning routine should include cleaning toilet bowls, disinfecting sinks, and dispensers. Set out hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap for everyone’s use. Clean and sanitize the floors every day. Keep bathrooms well-stocked, storing extra supplies in cabinets. As an extra sanitation measure, post a sign reminding employees to wash their hands between serving clients to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Deep Cleaning

Salon professionals typically do some cleaning of the salon cleaning, especially around their workstations. That’s not enough by itself. A clean hair salon requires regular deep cleanings performed by professional commercial cleaners. A professional cleaning crew has the expertise to check off every item on your beauty salon checklist. Salon cleaning services take care of all the cleaning tasks that your busy salon professionals don’t have time for.

Sanitation for Beauty Salons

Wiping things down may be sufficient for other types of businesses, but beauty salons need to take extra care to disinfect and sanitize all areas around the salon. Sanitizing surfaces cleans them, and disinfecting refers to using hot water, detergents, and antibacterial soaps and sanitizers. Beauty salon professionals have different certifications, and each of them needs to know how to keep their workspaces safe and sanitary.


Estheticians are trained about the risk of fungi, which refers to a group of yeasts and molds. Fungi grows, and it can cause issues like athlete’s foot. It’s vital for estheticians to properly disinfect tools for performing manicures and pedicures. Another cleaning tip is to clean and disinfect foot basins to reduce the potential for spreading fungi and bacteria.


Hairdressers also need to disinfect their scissors, combs, razors, and other styling tools and implements. When cutting and styling hair, there is a risk of spreading bacteria, fungi, or plant parasites that can cause ringworm or favus, which are very contagious. Hairdressers also need to deep clean their workstations to prevent the spread of head lice and itch mites infections on the scalp.

Makeup Artists

Makeup brushes and sponges can carry the spread of infection and disease. Proper sanitation and disinfection procedures prevent spreading illness and infection to clients.

Electrostatic cleaning is an effective, safe method for beauty salons. This method entails having professional cleaners spray an electrostatically charged mist into the air. The solution sticks to dirt, allowing the sanitation solution to safely clean surfaces. Beauty salons are good candidates for electrostatic cleaning.

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How to Clean a Beauty Salon – Download Cheklist

Hair Salon Cleaning Checklist

Hair salons are often bustling with clients and beauty professionals. There is little time for them to do the type of cleaning that a safe beauty salon requires. Use this checklist as a resource for keeping up with cleaning.

This free cleaning checklist is your guide:

·   Sweep stations between clients

·   Clean entire floor area before closing

·   Spray and wipe windows and mirrors

·   Dust all surfaces and décor

·   Wash and steam clean curtains

·   Deep clean bathrooms at the end of the shift

·   Clean and sanitize coolers and drink stations

·   Restock bathroom supplies

·   Sanitize all sinks and wash bowls

·   Wipe down product bottles

·   Disinfect all work areas daily

·   Disinfect towels, aprons, and linens

·   Clean, dust, and maintain ventilation systems

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