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How does DLL Work?

We provide a very simple way for you to book, schedule and manage all of your cleaning appointments through our online system. Every one of our employees are bonded and insured and trained to clean every item on our comprehensive checklist.

Do I need to be present for the cleaning?

No, but feel free to be around when we do clean. When you make a booking, you will be prompted to give us entry instructions. We will remind you of these instructions by email 24 hours before your scheduled cleaning. If we can’t get in or you are not home when you said, you will be charged a $50 lockout fee.

Is DLL insured and bonded?

Yes, DLL is insured and bonded. If you have an object that is damaged, please notify us within 24 hours of the completion of the appointment, either by email or phone.

Is a DLL cleaning pet-safe?

We try our best to be, but if you think your pet may get anxious while we are there, please make arrangements for your pet to be somewhere else during the cleaning. You are able to leave pet instructions when booking your appointment.

How many cleaner do you send?

We assign one (1) cleaner to most bookings. If we feel it is necessary to have more cleaners, we will let you know.

Residential Cleaning

Do we charge the same for a house that we charge for an apartment?

No. You have to count all extra rooms as a bedroom, except for kitchen and living room. (e.g. dining room, office, etc.). If you want to include the basement, you must count every room.

What cleaning supplies do you need to provide?

We provide all the equipment, EXCEPT:


Paper Towel and Windex

Step Stool

Toilet Brush


Stainless Steel Cleaner

Microfiber Towel( at least 6)


If you think that we will need any of these items, please provide them to us or leave them out for our staff with directions on their usage.

What if there has just been renovation done on my office or home?

We will create a customized post-construction cleaning plan for you. Contact us by email  ( ) or phone(866-955-0192)  to set this up and receive pricing information.

Can I make special requests or give specific instructions?

Yes. Please leave these special instructions when you book your appointment online. If we have any questions, we will contact you. If you feel that we did not follow your instructions or request, please give us that feedback in the survey that you will receive right after the cleaning is completed. We will get in touch with you promptly to resolve the issue.

Office Cleaning

Does DLL clean during or after normal business hours?

We clean both depending on your preference.


Many costumers give us a key for after-hours cleaning, so we clean without disrupting your work. DLL will coordinate all necessary documentation with your building Manager.

Does DLL bring its own equipment and supplies?

We come with a full assortment of equipment and supplies, such as vacuums, dry mops, squeegees, and buckets.

Will there be a manager on-site?

Our Quality Control Manager normally joins the cleaning crew on their first clean, and follows up periodically, by email and in person, to make sure we are providing the quality cleaning that you will come to expect from us.

How do I get an office cleaning quote?

Click here (Get a quote)

Our "Quality Clean" Guarantee

What is the our “Quality Clean” guarantee?

If you are not totally satisfied with the quality of the cleaning, you may request a re-clean from us.

How do I make request a re-clean?

Customers can request a re-clean by phone or email as long as the re-clean request is made within the 36 hours (1.5 days) of the initial cleaning. The re-clean must be completed within 72 hours (3 days) of us contacting you regarding your request.


How many re-cleans can be booked using the “Quality Clean” guarantee?

There is no limit on how many re-cleans a DLL customer is able to receive. We want to make sure that every time you receive a cleaning from us, it is a “Quality Clean”. However, we reserve the right to cancel the guarantee or require an additional payment, if the guarantee is used excessively or in bad faith.

What is NOT eligible for our “Quality Clean” guarantee?

  • Re-clean requests that are made more than 36 hours after completed appointment.
  • Items not included on our comprehensive checklist
  • Free cleans
  • Re-cleans
  • Homes not in standard condition (e.g. biohazards, hoarding, etc)
  • Extra services not booked for the original appointment
  • Post-Construction/ Post-renovation cleans
  • Move-out cleans

Billing Policies

How do I pay for my cleaning?

We currently accept credit/debit cards. Our online payments are handled by Stripe, and are processed through a fully secure 256 bit SSL protocol. In addition, we have a full extended validation SSL security. Booking through DLL Cleaning Services is safe and secure and we guarantee this. Any unauthorized charges that are made to your card as a result of doing business with us will be fully refunded.

When does my card get charged?

You’ll be charged after service has been rendered. You will receive an automated email with the transaction summary to notify you when and how much your card is charged.

How do I update my billing information?

To switch your billing information, simply log into our online portal using your username and password and edit your billing information in the ¨settings¨ section of the website.

What is your cancellation policy?

We asses a $50 cancellation fee to appointments not canceled by 12 PM EST the day before the appointment.

Do I leave tip?

Although they are not required, our cleaners work very hard and would be much appreciated.

If you still have more questions please contact us ( directly.