Facility Cleaning Checklist Template for an Easier Cleaning Process

facility cleaning checklist template

Maintaining a facility can be demanding and time-consuming. However, there is a way to make the cleaning process simpler and faster. With a facility cleaning checklist template, you can maintain any facility faster and more efficiently. This template comes handy whether you are working in a facility maintenance service or a commercial cleaning company.

The template we have prepared is applicable to all types of businesses and facilities:

Facility Cleaning Checklist: General Upkeep

The general area needs to be cleaned at all times. By following a list, all you need to do is follow the items included in it and cross out the ones you have finished.  General upkeep includes the following:

  • Empty the trash. Clean and reline the trash bins.
  • Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop the floors (depending on the type of floor).
  • Wipe down the countertops. Sanitize the surfaces.
  • Wipe the front doors. Wash them if needed.
  • Wipe and sanitize the desks and cabinets. Include the keyboards, computer equipment, and phone.
  • Dust the file cabinets, desks, and other hard surfaces.
  • Wipe the chairs and tables.
  • Clean the windows and sills.
  • Dust the wall hangings, frames, and other decors.
  • Always tidy up the personal area.

Facility Cleaning Checklist: Exterior

Maintaining a facility does not only mean the building or establishment itself. You need to clean the exterior as well. When cleaning the exterior, focus on the walkways and keep the front space clutter-free and debris-free. Remove any loose stones, cracks, debris, and other litter in the pavement.  Follow this list:

  • Keep the personal area tidy.
  • Remove any debris or hazards that are blocking the walkways.
  • Clear the surrounding area and remove all leaves, litter, and other debris.
  • Check whether the shrubs and trees need trimming.
  •  Check if roof inspection is needed.  Schedule maintenance when needed, especially after or before a storm.
  • Check if power washing is needed. In a year, pavement needs to be power washed at least twice.

Facility Cleaning List: Office Areas

The office area is where most people, employees and clients alike, stay and interact. Thus, it needs extra care and attention. Make sure that you sanitize the areas where bacteria may thrive, such as computer keyboards and mice. Here’s what you can follow:

  •  Empty the trash cans. Reline them after cleaning.
  • Dust the desks, file cabinets, and hard surfaces.
  • Sanitize the desk surfaces and cabinets.
  • Wipe down chairs, tables, and other surfaces.
  • Clean and sanitize keyboards, computer mouse, equipment, phone, and other things that are frequently touched.
  • Dust wall hangings, decors, and frames.
  •  Wipe and clean the windows and sills.
  • Organize and declutter the personal area.

Facility Cleaning List: Bathrooms and Restrooms

Bathrooms take more time to clean. These areas need to be sanitized often to prevent bacteria build-up. This should be a priority for those offering facility cleaning services. The key areas are door handles, sink spout handles, and toilet handles. These are often touched, so make sure to sanitize them regularly. Here’s the full checklist for bathrooms: 

  • Empty the trash and sanitize the receptacle.
  • Sanitize and wipe down sinks, countertops, bathroom fixtures, and toilets.
  • Refill soap dispensers and toilet paper.
  • Wipe and shine the mirrors and glass surfaces.
  • Clean the partition walls.

Facility Cleaning Template: Break Rooms and Kitchens

These areas are shared by employees and management. It can easily become disorganized and dirty. When cleaning these areas, focus on the areas that are often touched, such as handles, vending machine buttons, water fountain buttons, and spouts. Sanitize these daily. Here’s a cleaning template you can follow:

  • Wipe down and sanitize the fixtures.
  • Clean and sanitize tabletops, refrigerator, microwave, sink area, vending machines, and water coolers.
  • Wipe down the chairs and tables.
  • Clean the fridge and remove old and unclaimed food.
  • Regularly empty the trash cans. Reline them after.
  • Sweep, mop, or vacuum the floors.

Fire and Electrical Safety Assessment

This may not be cleaning per se; but it is part of your responsibility. Make sure to do the following:

  • Regularly check the emergency sprinklers. Take note of any wear or damage.
  • Keep your fire safety protocols up to date.

Elevator Safety

For buildings with elevators, make sure that you regularly check if there are any scheduled inspections.

Lighting Assessment

  • Check if there are any expired bulbs. Schedule a regular maintenance for the lighting.
  • Dust the light fixtures.

AC Vent Assessment

Always make sure that the air conditioning units are in great shape. 

  • Examine the air vents regularly. Check for mold and dust. Clean accordingly.
  • Check if the filters need replacement. Typically, the filters must be replaced once ever 1 to 6 months, depending on your assessment. 

It is your job as a facility manager to maintain the cleanliness of the establishment. Make your job easier by following the facility cleaning checklist template we have prepared. Get cleaning facility services from a professional company to keep the facility you are managing clean and fresh.

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