Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sanitation Services for Coronavirus Prevention

Stepping Up Our Cleaning and Disinfection Practices for Your Continued Safety during COVID-19

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As we navigate this constantly changing environment, DLL Cleaning Services wants to assure you that we place the health and safety of your employees, customers, and visitors, as well as the health and well-being of our own staff as a top priority. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we made a practice to take measures to keep our clients and staff safe from germs, harmful bacteria, and illness. We provide our staff with protective gear such as masks and gloves to help prevent the spread of disease. We have always been happy to be part of the solution to clean, healthy living and working. 

During these uncertain times, we are stepping up our efforts for cleaning, disinfection and sanitation services for coronavirus prevention. As your premier cleaning service agency, we know that we play a valuable role in the NYC community and we’re addressing our responsibility by taking extra care and attention to cleanliness and sanitation. We’re providing our staff with training on the extra precautions they can take to protect themselves and everyone they come into contact with on and off the job to do our part to help flatten the curve. 

Monitoring and Following CDC Guidelines for COVID-19

We want to assure you that DLL Cleaning Services is monitoring the CDC guidelines and updates as to the recommendations for coronavirus pandemic cleaning solutions and protocols as they continue to be posted. 

According to the latest updates on the CDC website, we know that the virus generally spreads among people in contact with a distance of less than six feet and that it spreads via respiratory droplets. Be aware that people may be infected with the virus and not be displaying any symptoms. These people can spread the virus to others. 

The CDC also tells us that the virus may remain viable for hours or even days on certain surfaces. The CDC recommends cleaning visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection as a best practice measure for the prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in homes, community settings, and businesses. The CDC site offers recommendations for clean hard surfaces, soft surfaces, hand hygiene, and other preventative measures. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces to avoid Coronavirus

According to the CDC guidelines, you should wear disposable gloves while cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and discard them after cleaning. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap afterward. The most common EPA-registered disinfectants are effective for cleaning. A bleach solution composed of 5 tablespoons of bleach per gallon can also be used to disinfect surfaces. 

For soft, porous surfaces such as carpets, furniture, and drapes, remove visible contamination and wash with the warmest water for the item and appropriate cleaners for the item. 

Wear disposable gloves when handling dirty laundry from an ill person and discard them after use. Wash hands with soap for 20 seconds after removing your gloves. Use the warmest water possible and disinfect hampers.

Hand Hygiene and Other Preventative Measures during COVID-19

Regular hand washing is essential to preventing the spread of the virus. Everyone should clean their hands thoroughly and often with soap and water, following the 20-second rule. If hands aren’t visibly dirty, it’s okay to use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. 

Be sure to visit the CDC website for additional information.

We want to thank our clients for their continued support while we work together to keep everyone safe. Your safety remains our highest priority.