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Professional medical office cleaning is of the utmost importance because your patients have high expectations for sanitation and cleanliness of your medical offices and facilities. When your offices are clean and tidy, it tells your patients and visitors that you’re committed to keeping your offices clean and germ-free. This is an especially important consideration for your patients that already have some type of medical concern. Your lobby, waiting room, and patient rooms should be as clean as they are nice and inviting. 

These are important reasons for scheduling regular commercial cleaning services with a professional medical office cleaning service rather than a general janitor service. Our professional cleaners are specifically trained in the area of medical office cleaning. Follow the medical compliances is a must thing in order to do the cleaning properly.

Medical office cleaning services in NYC are ever mindful that your patients schedule time with your doctors and nurses because they want and need to feel better than when they arrived. Your staff is committed to using their knowledge and medical training to give your patients the best possible care. The last thing that you want is for your patients to become sicker than when they arrived because you weren’t able to keep up with proper cleaning.

A clean and sanitary work environment is equally important to your nurses and medical staff who are tending to many different kinds of people and illnesses all day, every day. If your staff should become ill due to uncleanliness in their work environment, a high rate of absenteeism will only add to what is already a heavy workload. During the busiest times, you need the availability of a strong, healthy staff so that you can address your patients’ needs in a timely manner. A medical cleaning service is your best asset during those times.

Cold and flu season is inarguably one of the busiest times for health care facilities. It’s also one of the most crucial times for you to rely on professional health care janitorial services. It’s vital to maintain the best possible cleanliness to prevent the spread of infection to your staff, patients, and the greater community. At DLL Cleaning Services, we train our expert cleaning staff on all the nuances that go into detailed health care janitorial services. They bring all the proper equipment and supplies to your place of business to get the job done right.

As a health care agency, there are multiple reasons for ensuring that your medical office uses a professional doctor office cleaning company. Ordinary sweeping, mopping, and wiping things down on a regular basis is helpful, but it’s not a replacement for the expertise and value that healthcare cleaning companies offer.

A professional medical janitorial service brings the specialized training that will meet the hygiene compliance requirements to comply with regulatory bodies such as JCAHO, HIPAA, CDC, OSHA, and more.

The proper cleaning of your facilities will help you to avoid expensive fines and penalties, as well as maintain the best possible health environment for everyone that walks through your doors.

Some medical offices try to cut corners with the cleaning by hiring their staff during off-hours to do a quick cleaning at the end of the day or at the end of the workweek. Bear in mind that your staff is already exhausted after a long day of caring for patients. To expect them to clean their workspaces after hours is likely too much to expect and still get a thorough cleaning job.

Our professional staff of medical office cleaners can do a more thorough job and do it much faster because of their many years of experience. In the end, you’ll pay more for non-professional cleaners than to enlist the help of professional medical office cleaners.

With DLL Cleaning Services, you get medical office cleaners who will do a great job of cleaning and it shows. The bonus is that we’ll get your cleaning done at an affordable price which also means that you’re getting great value for your budget.

Without a doubt, DLL Cleaning Services provides excellence in medical cleaning services that are performed by highly trained, capable professional cleaners at a price you can afford. It doesn’t get better than that. Our medical office cleaners are bonded and insured, and we promise that they’ll maintain the highest possible cleaning standards for your medical practice.


What can I expect that DLL does when cleaning my medical office ?

You can expect us to vacuum, sweep, and mop floors. We also clean your restrooms and clean all countertops and glass surfaces. We also disinfect switches, door handles.

What If I Need a Special Cleaning Task Done?

We’re happy to provide additional cleaning appointments by request. Just call us for a free quote.