Building Maintenance Service

Commercial building owners know that the list of minor repairs and maintenance issues can be a long one. Building maintenance and cleaning services have to be a priority because regular repair and maintenance will enhance the appearance of your operation, ensure that your facility is safe, and won’t affect your operations.

In addition to providing janitorial services to keep your commercial facility clean and orderly, DLL Cleaning Services also offers building maintenance in the New York City area. Our maintenance workers are available to solve your maintenance problems quickly to maintain safe and sanitary conditions without interrupting productivity.

What Our Commercial Building Maintenance Includes

Imagine the time and expense that you’ll save when you schedule DLL Cleaning Services to take care of all the following tasks and more on an ongoing basis:

  • Empty all trash containers-our maintenance workers will empty all of your wastebaskets and trash containers. We’ll also take the time to separate and dispose of your recyclables. Also, our commercial building maintenance workers will sanitize all trash receptacles with antibacterial wipes and replace your plastic trash can liners.  
  • Cleaning and sanitizing restroom fixtures-your restrooms get a lot of traffic every day. Our maintenance team will clean and sanitize your restroom fixtures to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Disinfected bathrooms will help keep your workers healthy so that they won’t miss time from work due to illness. We use stronger cleaning products such as disinfectant sprays and other products for cleaning mold and mildew in these high traffic areas. Our NYC commercial maintenance cleaners keep your restroom areas clean and smelling fresh.
  • Dusting and polishing furniture-our building maintenance company uses microfiber cleaning cloths for the most effective method of removing dust from furniture. We’ll also polish your furniture to a shine. Regular dusting will help  keep dust particles out of the air. This helps you provide a cleaner working environment for your employees.  It will keep dust and other particles out of your ventilation systems, which will also help you to keep the air clean. 
  • Dusting horizontal surfaces and window blinds-our building maintenance companies will also use microfiber cleaning cloths to wipe down all flat surfaces and your window blinds. Dust clings to your window blinds and harbors allergens. DLL professional building maintenance crews dust your blinds to reduce sneezing and allergies. 
  • Carpet cleaning-our professional building maintenance crew will also vacuum your carpets and spot-clean them as needed. Whether your rugs are light-colored office area rugs or heavy-duty industrial carpets, we have the right products for stain removal. 
  • Mopping and sweeping of flooring tiles and other flooring surfaces-your building maintenance management agreement includes sweeping and mopping of all flooring surfaces throughout your facility. 
  • Inside window cleaning-commercial building windows tend to collect dust, which makes your buildings look dirty and unkempt. Shiny clean windows make a good first impression when visitors arrive at your NYC facility. 
  • Dusting air vents, cold-air returns, and ceiling fans-to keep dust particles and other allergens out of your air, our professional maintenance workers will dust your air vents, cold air returns, and ceiling fans to prevent build-up.

From the large tasks to the small tasks, our professional building maintenance crew will take care of a long list of maintenance and janitorial services. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your facilities ensure that your place of business is safe and sanitary for your workers and visitors. If something needs attention or you need a special clean up, our workers will take care of it with the greatest professionalism. We’ll work with you to help you arrange for a customized plan that offers you the best that building maintenance has to offer, and our quotes are always free. 


What types of industries, buildings, and facilities to you maintain?

Our professional maintenance and janitorial service cover a range of facilities, including office buildings, warehouses, retail spaces, data centers, medical office buildings, daycare centers, educational facilities, banks and credit unions, fitness centers, and much more. 

Can we get a one-time special cleaning in addition to our regular service if we need it?

Absolutely! We’re happy to provide a one-time cleaning appointment or special cleanup. We can also offer you a short-term contract, annual contract, or month-to-month service. 

Is DLL Cleaning Services insured and bonded?

Yes, for your safety and peace of mind, we’re 100% bonded and insured. 

What happens if we have an issue or concern with your services?

We believe in open, honest communication with our clients. We outline your service plan in writing. If there’s ever a problem, just give us a call, and we’ll work hard to resolve it and maintain your trust.