Cleaning Services in Brooklyn

Brooklyn contains multitudes. The perfect spot for hip adults and families alike, there’s always a great place to grab a craft cocktail or a park, including Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, or Brooklyn Bridge Park, or even a children’s museum to spend an afternoon with your family. You’re sure to find some of the best New York-style pizza and the best views of the city along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

There are 62,000 small businesses in Brooklyn, all of which employ approximately half the population of the borough, and nearly 2.6 million people call Brooklyn home. Brooklyn is undeniably a haven for both residents and businesses.

The borough was once home for new immigrants who entered the country through Ellis Island and has remained a diverse region that’s cool, comfortable, stylish, and familiar. There’s even a restaurant scene that could easily rival that of Manhattan.

But with so much going on and so much to offer, there’s hardly time to focus on cleaning your home or business. DLL Cleaning Services is proud to serve residents and business owners throughout Brooklyn so that Brooklynites have more time to devote to what matters most.


Brooklyn cleaning services

An Entire Offering of Brooklyn Cleaning Services

Picking the right service to clean your home or business is no small decision. After all, you are choosing a company that will come into your home or business to ensure it always looks its best. You want to work with a company that will keep your space looking its best — as if you had gotten on your hands and knees to scrub the floors yourself, but without all the work!

When you outsource your cleaning to DLL Cleaning Services, you can rest easy knowing you’re providing your family or employees and customers with a safer, healthier, more beautiful environment. We’ll give you back precious hours of your time each week so that you have more time for everything else.

DLL Cleaning Services does it all, including both residential and commercial cleaning services. At work and home, you don’t need to search high and low for different cleaning services to handle each chore. We’ll handle it all for you with the right tools and training to handle complicated tasks and everyday cleaning too.

Our Brooklyn cleaning services include:



Professional Disinfecting Services

It can be close quarters living and working in Brooklyn, which means bacteria, germs, dirt, and dust are part of everyday life. But they don’t have to be part of your home or workplace. A clean space is essential to maintaining the health of your colleagues and loved ones.

We can take all kinds of preventative measures to stay clean and healthy, but no matter how careful we are, we can sometimes still bring illness-causing pathogens into our home or business. Now more than ever, it’s important to do what we can to keep our space clean and sanitized.

Our electrostatic disinfecting services are a smart way to mitigate the spread of illness in your home or workplace and are the perfect add-on to commercial and residential cleaning services. We use high-powered, state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers to coat your space from floor to ceiling with EPA-approved disinfectants to kill germs on contact.

The disinfectants we use are safe and effective for use on all kinds of solid surfaces, including countertops, flooring, mirrors, ceramic tile, stainless steel, and more. Our cleaning tools and products tackle all kinds of illness-causing pathogens.

Our disinfection services are great to handle germs wherever you are, including spaces like: Homes, Schools, Laboratories, Medical offices and healthcare facilities, Offices, Commercial spaces.


Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Work-life can get busy. And as it does, dirt, dust, and germs can pile up, especially in high-traffic spaces. Our team at DLL Cleaning Services will work diligently to leave your workspace shiny, clean, and germ-free with our commercial cleaning services.

At work, a clean space isn’t just about safety; it’s also about your reputation. We’ll meticulously clean your spaces to keep your clients and colleagues safe, but we’ll also work to make sure your space speaks to your level of professionalism and attention to detail.

But we don’t just work in the business world. Our team of professionals has extensive training and experience cleaning medical offices as well, and we can clean your healthcare facilities to meet all necessary guidelines to keep your patients healthy and safe. We know where bacteria and other contaminants lurk, and we’ll take care of them all so you can work in a clean, healthy space each day.


Customized Cleaning Services for You

At DLL Cleaning Services, we are homeowners and business owners, too. We understand the importance of keeping your spaces clean at home and work.

In our eyes, this starts by listening to you. We’ll gather a full understanding of your cleaning needs so we can deliver on our promises and provide cleaning services that surpass your expectations. We’re always here to answer your questions, and we’ll work hard so that you’re constantly thrilled with our answers.

There are bigger things to worry about than cleaning. Let us handle the dirty work for you. Take a look at what our clients have to say about our work, then request a quote for your commercial business or residential cleaning needs today!