Cleaning Costs: Is a Cleaning Service Worth It?

Everyone gets busy at times. Before you know it, grime is everywhere. You may consider the cost of a cleaning service to be out of reach, but the reality is, it’s more affordable than you might think. Your time has value and it’s important to spend it doing the things you enjoy. 

We’ll help you get an answer to the question, “Is a cleaning service worth it?”

The Value of Your Time vs Cleaning Service Costs 

How often have you said, “If I only had the time…”? 

In general, people don’t value their time enough. One way to measure the value of your time is to consider what it costs you. Time is a precious commodity for working parents and professional singles. After a long week of work, working people want to spend time with their families and friends. If you’re like many people, you may hesitate to invite people over because you haven’t had time to clean your home.

Once in a while, it’s nice to take a trip or enjoy an outing. It can be tough to squeeze that in when there are floors to mop, furniture to dust, and kitchens and bathrooms to clean. That leaves you with the choice of cleaning your home or hiring a housekeeper.

Beware of the Dangers Associated with the Cleaning Process

On the surface, your home may appear to be spotless. However, take a closer look. Grab a clean cloth and wipe it across any surface. More than likely, the cloth is covered in dirt.

What’s more, there are 5 hidden risks that you need to be aware of when you clean your home yourself:

  1. Invisible parasites are milling about your home unnoticed. Many people are allergic to parasites, and they can develop allergic reactions, never knowing what’s causing them. It’s important to wear mouth coverings and gloves to prevent parasites from attaching to your body when cleaning. Deworming products are the best defense for protecting your pets against parasites.
  1. It’s easy to get injured while cleaning your home. A good cleaning requires you to clean high and low places like the top of cabinets, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and under furniture. It’s important to use the right size stools and ladders and practice good habits for standing, bending, and reaching to prevent falls and injuries. 
  1. Improper cleaning techniques can damage your property. In the rush to get your cleaning done, it’s easy to break something or damage a surface. 
  1. You can’t get organized. With so much to do, it can be difficult to know where to begin. You move things from one room to another just to mess up the next room even more. You start cleaning one area and find new areas that need to be cleaned. At the end of the day, you’ve got nothing accomplished.
  2. You waste money on cleaning tools and supplies. Because you just don’t have a good system, you end up with a utility closet full of cleaning tools and supplies that you’ve barely used. In this case, a cleaning service cost is often less than you’ve already spent.

The Dangers of Hiring the Wrong Cleaning Service

If you’re shopping around, you’ll find that there are many differences in cleaning costs and the quality of cleaning services.

Be on the lookout for these 3 dangers of hiring the wrong cleaning service:

  1.  Your valuables are at risk of being stolen. Theft is a common complaint when using unprofessional home cleaning services. A good cleaning service performs background checks on its employees and will provide other assurance that cleaning staff is safe. 
  1. The cleaning service cannot provide proof of insurance. It’s wise to ask a cleaning service if they carry liability insurance to cover damages, workman’s compensation to cover injured workers, and bonding Insurance to help cover theft.
  1. The cleaning service doesn’t run a financially responsible business.  Look for assurance that the cleaning service pays its taxes and is willing to accept non-cash forms of payment.

DLL Cleaning Services is a professional agency that provides insurance and background checks so you have the peace of mind that your home and belongings are safe during the cleaning process. With DLL, you can also expect an affordable price for your cleaning needs. Call us at (866) 955-0192 for a quote today!

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