Best Carpet Cleaning Tips for People with Pets at Home

Cleaning Tips for People with Pets

If you’re a pet-lover, research shows that you’ll be happier and healthier. When you take good care of your pet, your pet takes good care of you. Taking care of your pet means cleaning up after them.

A few carpet cleaning tips for pet owners are all you need to enjoy your pets and keep your home clean and smelling fresh too.

How to Clean a Carpet When You Have Pets

All pet messes aren’t equal. You can protect your carpet when you use the proper cleaning methods for each type of mess. Avoid rubbing pet urine out of your carpets, but this method will only soak it in deeper. If you grab a towel to handle a solid mess, you could smear it into the carpet and never get it completely clean.

Read on to learn how to clean a carpet like a pro.

How to Clean Pet Urine Out of Carpet

A handheld extractor is a worthwhile and valuable investment for sucking up foul-smelling pet urine or vomit out of your carpet. An extractor was designed for this type of job and it’s easier to clean than a shop vacuum.

Cleaning Solution for Cleaning Pet Urine from Carpet

Here’s a simple recipe for one of the best carpet cleaning hacks:

·   1 cup water

·   1 cup vinegar

Pour the ingredients into a spray bottle. Take a towel and press into the stain. The cloth will absorb the mess. Spray the mixture over the spot and sprinkle baking soda over it to deodorize it. Blot and vacuum it up.

How to Clean Pet Stools

The best tool for lifting pet stool from carpet is a putty knife. Slide the putty knife under the stool and scoop it up for easy disposal. Sprinkle baking soda over the area, let it sit 15 minutes, and vacuum.

Tackle Pet Messes Quickly

Act quickly in your approach to keeping carpet clean with pets. Remove your pet from the area and start cleaning before the mess sets in deeper. Water, vinegar, and baking soda are your “go-to” DIY cleaning tools. They’re safer ingredients than products from the store which could contain dangerous chemicals.

Use a Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner

One product that’s worthwhile is a bio-enzymatic cleaner. It’s an effective solution to have as you learn how to clean a carpet when you have pets. A bio-enzymatic cleaner neutralizes urine smells, which ordinary carpet cleaners can’t.

Don’t Reach for the Steam Cleaner

The wrong carpet cleaning tips for a home with pets could destroy your carpet. Steam cleaning sounds like a good idea, but the reality is that it will only set the stains in deeper. Here’s why, steam cleaning uses heat, and the heat bonds stains to the fibers in your carpet, making it nearly impossible to get them out.

Don’t Blot Using Your Paper Towels and Your Shoe

Refrain from grabbing paper towels and smashing them into the carpet with your shoe. The urine seeps deep down into your subflooring.

It’s never pleasant to clean up pet messes. The job is easier when you follow the best carpet cleaning services for pet owners:

·   Don’t do anything to grind the mess into the carpet deeper.

·   Use vinegar, water, and baking soda to clean and deodorize.

·   Take some preventative measures to minimize or prevent pet stains from happening.

Keep reading for some other valuable tips.

Keep Paws Clean

Pet paws are a haven for dust, dirt, and grime. Clean paws when pets come into the house especially when it’s rainy or muddy outside. The less dirt you get on your carpet, the longer it will last.

Throw Down a Few Throw Rugs

Put a few throw rugs around your entrances and under feeding bowls. Use rug runners for down hallways and use throw rugs for high traffic areas. Vacuum and shake rugs out weekly.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners:  Give Baths Regularly

Dust and dirt hide in your pet’s coat so give them regular baths to keep dirt out of the carpet. Keep your pets brushed and groomed to limit shedding and keep pet hair from accumulating.

Vacuum Everyday

Pet hair collects on your carpets even if you don’t see it. Try to vacuum your carpets every day if you can, but weekly or a few times per week will do if it’s all you can manage.

Schedule the Best Carpet Cleaning Service in New York for Pet Cleaning and More

When you keep your carpets clean and fresh, it shows that you take pride in your pets and in your home. Even when you’re diligent about cleaning up after your pets right away, a professional carpet cleaning will help to keep them deep down clean. For the best results, schedule regular professional cleanings with DLL.

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