Don’t Let a Sloppy Cleaning Service Decrease Your Property Value: Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Agency

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Your business is your livelihood, and the appearance of your facility is a reflection of its value. A clean and sanitary environment tells people that you have pride of ownership. It can be easy to overlook the cleanliness of your facility or be tempted to clean it yourself when you’re focused on the details of running your business. Have you considered the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning agency?  Or the problems you can have by not keeping it looking great?

The Benefits of Cleaning Offset Cleaning Costs

It may occur to you that you could save costs by doing your own commercial cleaning. However, when you hire your own janitor or do your own cleaning, you could be unknowingly taking on risks and liabilities that could cost you big if an accident or injury happens. By working with a commercial cleaning company, you eliminate worry and stress over potential accidents. 

  1. A commercial cleaning company helps you comply with OSHA. OSHA is a federal agency that’s responsible for ensuring workplaces are safe and healthy places for employees to work. When you opt to do your own cleaning, you run the risk of using chemicals and cleaning products that don’t meet OSHA guidelines. You also have to be concerned about complying with laws and regulations for storing cleaning products. 
  1. A professional cleaning service helps reduce the risk of injuries. Professional cleaning teams are trained and how to perform cleaning duties safely. You’ll reduce the risk of accidents that can cause sickness or injuries at your place of business when you hire a professional cleaning service. 
  1. A professional cleaning company decreases costs. When you don’t have the right skills and cleaning products to get the job done, cleaning your facility takes longer and that can cost you more money than enlisting the help of a commercial cleaning service. If cleaning products damage your property or someone gets hurt, it increases your costs even more. A commercial cleaning company provides a valuable service because it saves you time, money, and it eliminates one of the stressful areas of running a business. 
  1. A professional cleaning service lowers insurance premiums. Insurance companies are concerned with liability. There’s more risk in doing your own cleaning or in hiring a janitor,  especially if they don’t provide their own workers’ compensation insurance. Commercial insurance companies may reward you with lower premiums when you hire a commercial cleaning company. 

4 Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Service

In addition to eliminating other worries associated with doing your own cleaning, you gain valuable benefits when you use a professional cleaning service. Here are 4 of the top benefits of using a professional commercial cleaning service:

  1. Commercial cleaning provides safe working conditions. Spaces that are dusty and dirty spread germs that cause illnesses. Airborne dirt and dust can be a hazard for employees that suffer from allergies. 
  1. A professional cleaning service increases employee attendance. When your employees are constantly sick, they lose time from work. When they feel uncomfortable because of an unclean work environment, they’re less productive. A professional cleaning service ensures that your employees are happy and productive at work. 
  1. A commercial cleaning company reflects a professional image of your company. A clean facility is a reflection of your brand. When your work environment is messy and unclean, visitors tend to think you run your business the same way. A bad first impression could cause you to lose business. 
  1. Professional cleaning offers you many valuable benefits. When you schedule a commercial cleaner, it frees you up to manage more important parts of your business. Commercial cleaners have the right tools and skills to clean your facility to a very high standard. A regular professional cleaning means that your facility is hygienic and clean for employees and visitors. 

DLL Cleaning Services is a premier residential and commercial cleaning service in New York. When you schedule commercial cleaning with DLL, you get all the benefits of a commercial cleaning company and eliminate all the risks and extra costs associated with hiring a janitor or doing your cleaning yourself. Contact us today at 866-955-0192 for a free quote.

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